IF You Knew - Brie Larson and Elijah Allan-Blitz discuss "The Messy Truth"

Oscar-winning Actress/Producer Brie Larson and Director Elijah Allan-Blitz discuss their Emmy Award-winning virtual reality series, “The Messy Truth” with IF Chief Curator Lori H. Schwartz.

Remote Collaboration for Creators

Presented by HP

Check out this insightful panel on Remote Collaboration for Creators from industry innovators at HP, DreamWorks Animation, Blur Studio, and Royal Shakespeare Company.

Always present but now accelerated, Remote Collaboration is all about technologies that are revolutionizing how Hollywood professionals are working together, regardless of their geographic location, to collaborate without being physically present and keep the industry pumping out innovative content experiences.

Featuring: Tito Hamze, Creative Producer – HP; Shawn Wallbridge, Head of IT – Blur Studio; Chris Eckardt, Creative Director, CG Supervisor – Framestore; Kate Swanborg, SVP Technology Communications and Strategic Alliances – DreamWorks Animation; Pete Griffin, Digital Production and Technical Manager – Royal Shakespeare Company; Mark Kendrick, Lead Video Editor – Royal Shakespeare Company

IF You Knew - Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jared Geller from HITRECORD

Lori H. Schwartz leads an insightful conversation with online collaborative media platform HITRECORD’s co-founder – actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and co-founder and President, Jared Geller.

IF You Knew - Barbara Marshall

Presented by HP

IF Chief Curator Lori H. Schwartz sits down with HP’s Barbara Marshall for an in-depth conversation on Remote Collaboration/Cloud.

Expanding the Limits of Your Creativity

Presented by HP

One of our exciting panels presented by HP, with creative professionals from Adobe, NVIDIA, Framestore and Autodesk.

Featuring: Rick Champagne, Global Media & Entertainment Industry Management – NVIDIA; Ngoc To, Product Manager – Adobe; Will Harris, Flame Family Product Line Manager – Autodesk; Johannes Saam, Senior Creative Technologist – Framestore

IF You Knew – Interview with Refik Anadol

Infinity Festival Creative Director Adam Newman and Art Consultant Wendy Posner have an in-depth conversation on the convergence of art and technology with Media Artist and Director Refik Anadol.

IF You Knew – Rob Legato

See an in-depth discussion on 3D/Visual Effects with our Chief Curator, Lori H. Schwartz, and esteemed VFX Supervisor, Director and Cinematographer, Rob Legato.

ShIFt Session: How 3D is Driving Brand Storytelling

Presented by HP

Enjoy this panel discussion on 3D and storytelling from creative professionals across HP, Artie, VNTANA, Digital Domain and Scale Strategies.

Featuring: Natascha French, Principal, Scale Strategies; John Canning, Executive Producer, New Media & Experiential – Digital Domain; Ashely Crowder, Co-founder and CEO – VNTANA; Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Go-To-Market and Location Based Entertainment – HP.

IF Collective – The Art and Craft of Storytelling

Presented by Microsoft

Featuring: Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller – Microsoft

IF Collective – Creating Never Before Seen Experiences Through Modern Cloud Technology

Presented by Microsoft

An insightful look into utilizing cloud technology to create all-new audience experiences.

Featuring: William Fay – Film Producer; Randal Kleiser – Film Director – Randal Kleiser Productions. Moderated by John Canning, Executive Producer, New Media & Experiential – Digital Domain

IF You Knew - The Social Dilemma's Jeff Orlowski & Larissa Rhodes

An insightful dive into Netflix hit “The Social Dilemma” with Director Jeff Orlowski and Producer Larissa Rhodes.

IF You Knew – Vicki Dobbs-Beck

Executive in Charge at the renowned ILMxLAB, Vicki Dobbs Beck, sits down with Infinity Festival Chief Curator, Lori H. Schwartz and dives into the ever-evolving world of immersive. 

IF You Knew - Sylvio Drouin

Presented by Unity

Infinity Festival Chairman, Hanno Basse, sits down with Senior Vice President of Unity Labs, Sylvio Drouin for an in-depth conversation on 3D/Visual Effects.

IF Collective – The Future of Immersive Entertainment

Presented by Unity

Immersive technology experts Jenna Seiden and Timoni West discuss how Hollywood can and should leverage real-time 3D and immersive technologies in their pipelines to propel efficient, effective, and cutting-edge productions.

Featuring: Jenna Seiden, Co-Founder – Zambezi Partners, Timoni west, Vice President of XR Tools – Unity Technologies

IF Collective – Transforming Hollywood’s Next Decade of Immersive Entertainment

Presented by Intel

Intel’s Rick Hack and Ravi Velhal have a conversation with Infinity Festival Chief Curator, Lori H. Schwartz, on the evolving future of immersive in entertainment.

Featuring: Rick Hack, Head of Media and Entertainment Partnerships – Intel; Ravi Velhal, Technology Policy and Standards – Intel

IF Collective – Form Invasion! To Baba Yaga, 5 Years of Baobab Real-Time Storytelling

Presented by Unity

Larry Cutler, Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Baobab, goes through the past 5 years of Baobab Studios from Invasion! to their latest VR experience, Baba Yaga. Audiences are invited as a main character into a haunting fairytale world completely reimagined, and your choices will determine the ending of this story of love, fortitude and magic. Starring Daisy Ridley, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson, and Glenn Close. Learn about Baobab’s real-time storyteller platform that has powered the creation of Baobab’s interactive animations.  

IF Collective – Our Vision to Put Cloud, Edge and AI to Work for Content Creators Everywhere

Presented by Microsoft

Microsoft Azure, Media & Entertainment CTO and Infinity Festival Chairman Hanno Basse takes a look into Microsoft’s vision to maximize cloud, edge and AI for content creators everywhere.

IF Collective – Creative Preservation Pipeline

Presented by Intel

Top industry creatives discuss sustaining a creative preservation pipeline.

Featuring: Lori H. Schwartz, Chief Curator – Infinity Festival; Charles Fan, Co-Founder and CEO – MemVerge; Rick Hack, Head of Media and Entertainment Partnerships – Intel; Ben Looram, Creative Partner – Chapeau Studios.